Interested in more than one card? Take advantage of the automatic savings below. The price of each card will be automatically adjusted in the basket and applies to all styles of card so you can mix and match!

2 cards15%
3 cards17.5%
4 cards20%
5 cards22.5%
6 cards25%
7 cards25%
8 cards27.5%
9 cards27.5%
10 cards30%
11 cards30%
12 cards32.5%
13 cards32.5%
14 cards32.5%
15-19 cards35%
20+ cards40%

Custom Club Cards

Personalised cards for each of your players on a custom club card with your club’s colours and badge!

Made of rigid 5mm foamex board, these football cards are the perfect keepsake for any football player to be rewarded for all their hard work throughout the season and remember how they performed with their team.

Personalised with the player’s position, stats, name and photo these can be placed on a shelf or easily mounted on a wall to be displayed in all their glory!

Our special deals for teams means the more players you order for, the more you save. See the table above for the savings you can make.